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I got an error message: "Cannot update the version of ARGUS Enterprise unless there is an active Admin user in the software. Please assign an active user Admin rights. For more information see the Admin Rights topic in Help." What does it mean?

There are no Active subscriptions assigned to the Admin group in AE. You must assign an active user Admin rights to start an Update. To resolve this error, see Admin Rights.



I got a Connection Warning. What does it mean?

This warning tells you that the system has detected your current internet connection and it is slower than recommended. If your connection is consistently slow, the performance of your ARGUS products may be affected (e.g., there may be a delay changing screens or running reports).



When I tried to launch my application I received an error about not being able to open an ica file. What do I do?

This error usually happens when you do not have Citrix Receiver installed.

1.      Click  in the message pop-up.

2.      Go to the My Applications page.

3.      Click  to download and install Citrix Receiver.



I am receiving a Wrong email or password error when I try to login. What is the problem?

1.      Verify that you have typed your email address and password correctly.

2.      If everything is correct, use the Reset Password button to reset your password.
You will receive an email and will need to confirm the password change.

3.      If you receive a User does not exist error, then your account has not been verified. Look for a previous email from and use the Confirm my account link to verify your account. If you do not have an email from, ask your ARGUS On Demand administrator to validate the email entered in ARGUS On Demand and to send another confirmation email using the  button.


On the My Applications page I see a No applications have been assigned to you message. What do I do?

Contact your ARGUS On Demand administrator. An active application license must be assigned to your login for any products to appear in your My Applications page. Your ARGUS On Demand administrator can assign an available license on the Manage Users page.



Why do I see a message We're sorry, the ARGUS On Demand service is currently not available in your country?

The ARGUS On Demand service is not currently available in all countries. If you are in Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, the United States, a country in the EU, or certain countries in Asia, please verify the address information entered by going to the Account Summary page. If you are outside the area, you can contact our Sales or Support departments to ask when ARGUS On Demand may be available for your location. We will also announce as offerings are expanded.



Why do I see a You can only renew subscription after… message?

This message appears after you have renewed the subscription until the new subscription period actually takes effect. The message will not affect your users or service, but you cannot add licenses or cancel the service until the new subscription begins.



Why do I see the same menu options after I upgrade my subscription?

Some Client Administrators may have different menu options before and after they upgrade a subscription. If you have recently upgraded and your menu does not look like the menu below, please logout and login again.


If your menu does not change after logging out and logging in again, please contact ARGUS Support.



Why do I see a blank area in the Account Summary page?

Occasionally the Account Summary page will not display the address information. Refresh the screen or select Account Summary from the menu to resolve this issue.



Why do I see a Terms & Conditions Update window when I login?

If there is an update in the ARGUS On Demand Software Subscription Agreement you will be prompted to accept the new agreement. Click the hyperlinked text to read the new agreement. Check the box to agree to the new terms, then click Submit. You will not be prompted again once the agreement has been accepted.



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