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Upgrade Subscriptions

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Upgrade your Plan

This menu option is only available for limited subscription types

On this page a Client Administrator can upgrade to a regular subscription. The Client Administrator is the person who initially set up the Account.

1.      On the Manage Subscriptions screen click the Upgrade Your Plan button.
Result: The Upgrade Your Plan screen displays your Current Plan and your Available Plans.

2.      Click Select Plan to choose a plan.

3.      Click Continue with Upgrade.
Result: The Upgrade Your Plan payment screen displays your options and payment summary.

4.      Click  or  or type in the Users fields to select:

5.      Click the hyperlinked text to read the privacy policy, client data policy and subscription agreement. Review the ARGUS On Demand Software Subscription Agreement.

6.      Click the ARGUS On Demand Software Subscription Agreement checkbox.
Result: The Buy Now button activates.

7.      Click Buy Now.
Result: The Payment Confirmation popup displays. The receipt is emailed to you confirming payment.

8.      Close the popup.
Result: The My Applications screen displays.




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